Cashmere Scarves

$39.99 $65.00


Real Cashmere wool scarves, super soft plush feel, perfect for this Winter season. 

There are plenty of designs for your different outfits this season, the feel and softness of the fabric on these scarves is extraordinary. If you've never felt real Cahmere wool, you will be amazed and pleased, as well as insulated due the high thermal resistance in wool, which impedes heat transfer.

We have plenty of designs which change constantly, therefore we do not carry large quantities of any specific one, the inventory number on each design is we have in stock at this time.

The fiber for this wool is collected from herds of Cashmere and Pashmina goats raised in Turkey, contrary to Mongolia and China, these herds are raised in an environmentally safe manner.

We ship locally with USPS therefore each order should be delivered within 7 working days.