Waist DSLR Camera Holster



You have seen photojournalist in movies, they always look cool, not only by hanging out in remote areas of the globe but by having that confidence that makes them get close and personal to people and disarm the fear of the camera to whomever is around them.

The most recognizable feature of any photojournalist is, of course, their camera, always ready at hand but never too eager. With the Waist Camera Holster you will have your most precious tool always ready and secure without looking menacing or novice toward your audience. 

Be a pro while traveling by keeping your camera always at hand with this sturdy Waist Camera Holster, don't look like a tourist with the camera on your neck and don't keep it in your bag while you are walking because you never know when that special moment may present itself.

 Uses 1/4" Screw to attach with camera.

1/4" Metal Screw

Material: Hard Plastic and Metal